SHMICO Sandwich Panel & Roofing Covering

We are pleased to introduce ourselves the leading producers of metal insulated polyurethane sandwich panels of various thickness and types.  We used the modern and sophisticated machinery to produce our panel which one of the best in the world and the only continuous production line in the area.

Our products are well demand and recommended by many consultants and engineers; this because of various aesthetic appearances and prices.

We have executed many major projects here in Saudi Arabia throughout the Middle East.
Production capacity    = 8,000 ~ 10,000 m2/day.
Cutting lengths          = 1.500   ~ 14.000 mm.

Sandwich-panels are advanced building products, produced with profiled Pre- Painted Zinc Coated/ Galvalume Coated Steel as top and bottom sheets and in between Polyurethane or glass wool or rock wool as the insulation material.

With a wide range of different colors, available in cut-to-length supply and ready-to-install, this modern building product takes a good share in a highly economic, weather-independent and fast, modular building process.

Beside the extremely high thermal-insulation values of the polyurethane-core, the panels create a high overall stiffness with their "composite" function and therefore support very good statically values.

•    Light weight: 10~ 14 kg/m2and hence reduced steel frameworks and system can become economical.
•    Good thermal insulation, with average coefficient of thermal conductivity is 0.018 ~ 0.020 W/mk.
•    Available in customized length. And in wide range of colors.
•    Cold and heat resistance: Perfect temperature resistance deformation from -110º C to 120º C.
•    Great energy saver and hence indispensable in air-conditioned, cooled and heated buildings.
•    Virtually zero maintenance throughout life.
•    Installation is convenient and Flexible; not requiring large-scale lifting   devices, and thus lowering building costs.
•    High intensity and large rigidity ensures suitability for weight-bearing structures and for supporting and protective structures.
•    Non-water absorbent.
•    Environmentally friendly. And bring down life cycle cost for any built environment.

Technical Specification:

-    For down sheeting clients can choice aluminum paper instant of sheets.
-    Width 1.0 meter.
-    Thermal Conductivity = 0.021 W/m2K.


The panels are usually packed on wooden pallets and wrapped in plastic. If there are panels of different lengths in the package, the shorter ones are packed on top of the longer ones to prevent transport damage. To simplify installation, the panels meant for a certain span are delivered in the same package. If panels of a certain span are in different colors, the panels are packed in separate packages.
Also we are providing onsite delivery shipping ‘free of charge’ for local projects.


Other Roofing and Wall Systems from SHMICO

•    Metal Sheet Roofing Panel

•    Fiberglass Roof Panel

•    skylight Roof Panel

•    Wall sandwich panel

•    Roofing Trims & Accessories

•    Roll formed C & Z purlin Sections



Metal Sheet Roofing

Metal roofing has emerged as one of the large scale building material substitutes for asbestos cement sheets or any other roofing products. Metal roofing allows elegance and flexibility in the design for the outer shell of the industries or warehouses.

With a wide range of different colors, available in cut-to-length supply and ready-to-install, this modern building product takes a good share in a highly economic, weather-independent and fast, modular building process.
Besides, its easy application allows it be used for versatile functions and its various profiles provide high aesthetic value.

• Metal can be engineered to tailor-made requirements of work which minimizes wastage.
• Metal sheeting is available with color coating for corrosion resistance and durability.
• Metal sheeting is light and has least chances of damage in transportation.
• Metals are non-toxic, non-combustible and do not propagate fire or emit toxic fumes.
• Metals call for minimal maintenance and have long life; aluminum even more than steel.
• Metals have greater strength to weight ratio i.e. they permit lighter construction while retaining Strength.
• Customized roofing accessories.

Product Application
• Industries, ware houses.
• Commercial areas like malls, offices.
• Car parks, garages, any other sheds.
• Bungalow roofs.
• Cladding.
• Light weight roofs.

Roofing Accessories

They are an integral part of the roofing systems. They complete the roofing system. They are used at variety of places and a variety of typologies allows the various junctions to get sealed. This increases the potential for exploratory design.

A variety of roofing accessories are available for all the different types of products which complete the roofing project. Some of the products allow customization which again enhances the design of the roofing systems.

Bolts and Screws

The bolts are the connecting members which connects the purlins and the roofing sheets. A good quality of bolt allows long lasting connection between the roof and structural members.

Bolts are supported with washer, nuts and caps.

Variety of bolts and screws are available for various types of roofing sheets to fit them into various structural members. Bolts and screws complete the roofing systems

Roll formed RHS, C & Z purlin Sections

Rectangular Hollow Section. Often used as purlins on roof to decks and verandahs, where the structure is exposed to view. Usually the wall thickness used is 2.0mm or 2.5mm. Should always have welded end caps to seal the inside from corrosion.

"C", purlins.

Cold rolled sections in the form of a letter "C". Used not only for roofs but for wall girts and they are used by shed manufactures to form columns, ties and braces. They are also used for floor joists.

"Z" or zed purlins.
Cold rolled sections in the form of a letter "Z". Used mainly in large roofs and as wall girts. Zeds have the ability to overlap at the joints giving them a great strength advantage over the Cee purlins. Also can be used as floor joists.

Fiberglass Roofing Solutions:
Providing Global Fiberglass Roofing Solutions A desire to lift the quality of translucent roofing products by adopting the very latest in FRP manufacturing technology.

Wall Panel

Technical Specification:

Product Application
•     Cold storage.
•    Any industries, warehouse looking for heat and sound insulation.
•    Commercial interiors as partition walls and commercial roof tops like hotels, malls.
•    Roof terraces looking to reduce cooling load.
•    Industrial buildings
•    Air-conditioning and ventilation structures
•    Agricultural buildings
•    Construction for the food industry and clean rooms
•    Logistics centers.
•    Power plants.
•    Office and commercial buildings.
•    Sports facilities.

Trims and Accessories

Trims of all types and related accessories

Flashing & Trims are sheet metal closures designed primarily to provide weather tightness and neat appearance at corners and junctions of the buildings.

We supply appropriate flashing & trims as per the building requirements. Flashing, trims and other accessories are produced using same materials as used for roof & wall sheeting.

We also supply Eave gutters, downspouts, curved eaves, ridge panels and other related accessories which contribute to the function, tightness & completeness of the building and enhance the overall appearance of the building.

Moreover we can supply any type of flashing/trims to suit any desired requirement of the customer.


Ridge Ventilators:
A wide range of sizes are available from 4” up 60”. Standard 9” & 12” RV units come complete with end caps and a worm operator and can be used for single unit installations or a continuous run. No special join plates or operators are required on these two sizes for a continuous run. This allows stocking of only one type of ventilator to fit all needs. All other sizes come in the standard single unit design or continuous run design.

Also we providing:

Sliding Doors, Walk Doors and Louver Doors

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