What is PEB?

Pre-engineered buildings are the state-of-the-art steel solution to developing an efficient and cost-effective infrastructure. PEB’s offer ultimate design flexibility and an extremely short construction time (right from initial design to completion). They are supplied as a fully finished product along with steel structure, building accessories and roof cladding. They require no on-site fabrication or welding – they can simply be bolted together as per specifications. PEBs are best suited for warehouses, sports halls, factories, workshops, distribution centers, cold storages, supermarkets, aircraft hangars or any ground + two-storey construction.

AlShahin Building Systems –PEB, is a Member of SHMICO

The Pre-Engineered Buildings Division (PEB) of AlShahin is one of several business units operating under the AlShahin Company for Metal Industries (SHMICO) corporate umbrella. PEB is responsible for 70% of the company’s annual sales, and has reached the status of leader in the marketplace.

As a company, we attribute our success to the unmatched value of our products and the flexibility and agility of our employees in meeting the needs of our customers.

At AlShahin Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB) Division, we focus on meeting the needs of our customers for durable, affordable and versatile steel structures.

After thirty years in business, our customers remain our first priority. Every building that we design, manufacture, and deliver for erection is created with the satisfaction of the future occupants and owners in mind.

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