Means & Methods

A term used in construction insurance to describe those operations of a contractor that arise normally in the course of construction but might be viewed as constituting "professional" services. Incidental design procedures, such as the rigging of scaffolding for a particular purpose, or incidental modifications of plans to solve on-the-spot construction difficulties, are examples of "methods and means." Such methods and means are ordinarily understood not to expose the contractor to professional—as opposed to general—liability.

On complicated projects it often makes sense to hire a consultant to create a plan that includes the details of what methods to employ (or to develop custom methods), sequencing and overall management of a project to ensure that erection of the steel is done properly and in a timely manner. As is critical to any project, recommendations as an integral part of the job.

During construction, Al Shahin is often requested to provide guidance and consultation to the contractor to address the variety of construction means and methods challenges that arise—from existing structure analysis for support of new construction loads, bracing of existing and/or new elements during construction (including walls and structural steel), to excavation shoring, underpinning, constructability reviews and value engineerin

AlShahin’ s goal is to help the construction process proceed on schedule, on budget, and without complications. We enjoy working closely with the contractor to resolve challenges and enable informed decision-making throughout the construction process.

Architects have come to appreciate AlShahin’ s involvement in this area, as it results in structural system designs that are more constructable due to the perspective Al Shahin has gained from working with contractors in the field.

Specific Services:

  • Stabilization for masonry/concrete walls and existing structures
  • Material hoist bracing
  • Motorized scaffold support
  • Specialized foundations
  • Steel erection plans
  • Excavation shoring and underpinning
  • Crane support
  • Preconstruction surveys and construction monitoring of existing structures
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